BBC Proms Extra: 1895

BBC Proms Extra: '1895, The First Proms'. Pre-concert discussion, Royal College of Music, broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 19 July 2015

This pre-concert talk was hosted by the BBC Radio 3 Night Waves presenter Rana Mitter on 19 July 2015. Held at the Royal College of Music across from the Royal Albert Hall, it was part of a Proms Extra series designed to celebrate 1895 and hence, in 2015, the 120th anniversary season of Prom concerts. The programme was produced by Jacqueline Smith, recorded in front of a live audience and edited down for broadcast during the evening Prom's interval.

Discussing the original performing space, Queen's Hall, and key performers including Henry J. Wood were Sir Nicholas Kenyon, now Barbican Managing Director and former Proms Director, and the cultural historian Leanne Langley. Together they ranged broadly over how and why the concerts began, what early programmes and audiences were like, and how Wood gradually expanded his skill, repertory and hold over players and listeners.

'relaxed and knowledgeable'

'a most informative discussion'

'so authoritative and warm'

Radio 3 listeners

'You are a wonderful communicator ... a natural with an audience'

Jacqueline Smith, producer

Listen to the 22-minute podcast here.

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