Reference work entries

As a signing author I have contributed biographical and subject entries to the following large-scale international reference works:

Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 2nd edn, ed. Ludwig Finscher, 29 vols. (Kassel, 1994-2008): George Grove, Edward Holmes, John Sainsbury

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd edn, ed. Stanley Sadie, 29 vols. (London, 2001): Samuel James Arnold, William Ayrton, Richard Mackenzie Bacon, John F. Burrowes, William Clowes, Colman family, J. W. Davison, F. G. Edwards, William Hawes (i), George Hogarth, Edward Holmes, William Horsley [with Nicholas Temperley], Joseph Kemp, William Lacy, Benjamin Lumley, Regent’s Harmonic Institution, John Davis Sainsbury, Thomas Welsh, Egerton Webbe, and ‘Criticism: II, 3. Britain (i): To 1890’

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, ed. Colin Matthew and Brian Harrison, 60 vols. (Oxford, 2004): Mathilde Verne (with Alice Verne and Adela Verne), Mary Wurm

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